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The most common gutter cleaning questions and answers.

If there are any gutter cleaning questions or concerns or any of our other services that haven't been answered. Please contact us via phone, text, email or website and we will happily help with your property maintenance routine.

Why get your gutters cleaned?
Gutter cleaning is an essential part of property maintenance. Poorly functioning or blocked gutters can overflow causing damage, cause mouldy ceilings, home to many household pests.
When it hails, my gutters don't work properly?
During the recent violent hail storms, many are concerned about how there gutters handled the hail. Gutters are designed to handle the rainwater from the roof, hail or large ice pellets can easily block the gutters and downpipes causing the gutters to overflow. Hail storms never last that long and with the rain, the ice will melt freeing up the gutters. If you wanted extra protection against hail storms steel gutter guard will stop the hail blocking up the guttering.
How do you clean the gutters?
As experienced gutter cleaners, we rely on two methods to effectively clean the roof, valleys, gutters and downpipes. The first method of gutter cleaning is commercial backpack blowers designed to remove loose debris from the gutters. We use this method because it does not damage the gutters and is most effective in cleaning gutters of all sizes and varying amounts of access available to the gutter. The second method of gutter cleaning using our hands. This used when the gutters are full of compacted soil, compost. 
Why don't you use gutter vacuums?
We have thoroughly researched and tested all kinds of gutter cleaning equipment. Gutter vacuums do have many advantages, but also many cons. Gutter vacuums can scratch the painted surfaces of the roof and gutters when trying to clean. Gutter vacuums have quite a large vacuum head to remove the debris this head has to be placed into the gutter, trying to get further can lead to the gutter brackets being clipped causing the guttering to become misaligned. The hoses vibrate which can also scratch any painted surfaces. It can be difficult for the gutter vacuum to clean debris out of hard to reach places.We have found backpack blowers are the best way to clean gutters.

How do we stay safe on the roof?
We constantly check to make sure we comply with the current Workplace Health and Safety codes, laws and regulations, committed to providing a safe work environment. Everyone that attends your property from Brisbane Wide Gutter Cleaning whether they will access the roof or not, have been trained and certified by Workplace Health & Safety codes and laws.
Ladders are used to access the roof, they are always properly secured, and have a worker footing the bottom of the ladder when being used.
We use a fall arrest harness safety system which we attach via a safety strap on a purlin on a tile roof or a temporary metal anchor. This allows us to safely and efficiently perform roof inspections and gutter cleaning. 
Josh has over a decade of roofing experience, also rock climbing training & experience. Certified and trained with the latest OH&S Working at Heights relevant codes. High grip rubber shoes are used as an extra level of protection while working at such heights.
Are you insured?
All our staff have Public Liability Insurance up to 10 million dollars. If you would like a copy of our certificate of currency please let us know. We are currently undergoing website designs to provide a downloadable copy of our certificate of currency directly from our website.
Will there be any mess?
We strive ourselves in taking the utmost care while cleaning the gutters at your property. Any leaf debris will be speedily cleaned and tidied. Many of our customers like have the gutter debris used as a natural mulch on their gardens. Upon request, we can remove the gutter debris also from your property.
How long will gutter cleaning take?
As a general guide, we allow 2 hours total time for each residential gutter cleaning job. Commercial or larger gutter cleaning jobs we will work to your time frame or provide one with our written quote.
What if my underground stormwater won't flow?
Many cases when the gutters and downpipes have become blocked with debris, there has been substantial amounts of debris flow down the downpipes into the stormwater system, this is one cause of stormwater pipes holding water and becoming blocked. There are many other causes for example evasive tree roots, old damaged stormwater pipe, etc. We do not repair or fix anything with underground stormwater this is solely a job for a plumber.
Do you provide photos?
As part of our complete gutter cleaning service, we provide before and after photos. Before photos help to identify and visual show the client what areas of the roof and gutters are becoming full of debris. After photos give our customers peace of mind that the gutter cleaning was done by professionals, and the gutters were properly cleaned.
What can stop gutter cleaning? If so, is there an extra charge to reschedule?
Brisbane Wide Gutter Cleaning strives to be as efficient as possible however if it rains we will have to reschedule the nearest available time as it is too dangerous to be on a wet roof. Strong or cyclonic winds will also cause us to cancel and reschedule the gutter cleaning. We never charge any hidden fees whatsoever, we will never charge a fee if we have to reschedule an appointment.
If I'm happy with the service what can I do?
If you are happy and satisfied with your gutter cleaning service, please tell your friends. Leave a review on Google Plus, Facebook.
Do you high pressure wash the roof?
No, we do not pressure wash the roofs, valleys or gutters. We will clean the loose debris off the roof, gutters and valleys with backpack blowers.
What do you need to perform the gutter cleaning?
We need ground access to the building being cleaned to use our ladders. We do not need water or electricity.
Can you fix roof leaks?
Rest assured we will help you be aware of the condition of your roof. We perform a roof inspection looking for potential leaks on the roof and gutters. A modern roof is designed with many functional parts working together however sometimes those parts need some maintenance to prevent roof leaks. Any minor or major roof issues we will provide photos for another tradesman use. We do not guarantee our leak proofing on roofs. 
Do you perform gutter replacement/ repairs?
No, we have a contractor that we use for all our gutter repairs/replacements. Upon inspecting the area of the gutter that needs repair/replacement, we can provide the details to the contractor who can offer you a free written quote.
What is the cancellation policy?
For any reason you need to cancel your appointment, just give us a call and we would gladly reschedule your appointment for another day that suits you. For any reason, we need to reschedule we will give you the next available appointment.


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