Solar Panel Cleaning

Dirty solar panels lose their ability to generate solar power that means less power = money you can earn from a dirty solar panel. During certain months in Brisbane it can rain heavy so shouldn't that rain clean the solar panels enough to not be a real issue?


No, let us explain why? If it was raining constantly, then yes, solar panels would in essence clean themselves, but if it was raining constantly there would be very limited sunlight making it pointless to use solar power.

Solar panels first get dirty with a fine layer of dust just floating in the air, this dust acts as a anchor /food source for black mould, lichen that with the dust for nutrients and the warmth from the solar panels it can grow quickly, if there is morning dew or even rain it only helps the mould grow quicker. The mould is black or brown color making it difficult to see, so what can look like clean solar panels can actually be dirty solar panels that aren't working at their peak performance.

How We Clean Solar Panels

Brisbane Wide Gutter Cleaning use a specialized dedicated cleaning system developed specifically for cleaning solar panels to deliver the best results

  • All care is taken with the safety of our cleaners and the care and cleaning of your solar power investment.

  • Brushes specifically designed for cleaning all types of solar panels.

  • Biodegradable ph neutral bio-organic based cleaning fluid for solar panel cleaning.

  • Inspect the solar power externally for any potential issues.

  • If pigeons are nesting underneath or on top of the panels, we can clear that out for you too.